Opinion: For the Guardians to thrive, finances must change

Team must spend more when window is open
19 News
19 News
Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 9:42 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Guardians are never far away from angering their fanbase because of the payroll. I usually feel like that anger is not justified.

The club’s payroll has been increased when the team could win and then scaled back when they had to retool things. The team is usually good, they have made the playoffs a lot lately, and then even won the American League in 2016. While they have not won the World Series under the Dolan ownership, the team did not win it under Dick Jacobs either, yet Jacobs was never held to the standard that the Dolan’s have been when it comes to winning.

This year, for once, I do feel like the fan outrage is justified.

When the team hits the field for Opening Day in Kansas City they will have a payroll north of $50-million. With this pitching staff and a Ramirez-Reyes middle of the order, that just is not enough.

In years past when a core of young talent needed to be supplemented with veterans, the team has done it. This year, they just have not. They did try, they pursued trades for Atlanta’s Matt Olson and Cincinnati’s Jesse Winker. They came up short in those trade negotiations and those guys went sent elsewhere.

The Plan-B seems to be relying solely on young players to fill the holes. There is no problem with counting on young players to fill some holes, but a team with this pitching staff should not be counting on them to fill ALL the holes.

Pitching is the most valuable commodity in sports, other than a franchise quarterback in the NFL, and this team has loads of it. To not show more urgency to address the team’s short comings is just illogical. The line up is top-heavy, and they are one Reyes or Ramirez injury away from being really short in the run-producer department.

The Dolan’s have been looking for a minority owner to bring into the franchise. They had one before, John Sherman, and it worked well. The payroll soared well over $100-million dollars. Sherman sold his shares though and has since become the majority owner of the Kansas City Royals.

David Blitzer, a man with ownership ties to the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and NBA’s Philadelphia 76′ers, has reportedly expressed interest in not only becoming a minority owner of the Guardians, but also interest in becoming the majority owner. But those talks and interest may have cooled off.

The Dolan’s have always run the team in a manner that gave them a chance to win a championship when the window of contention is open. If legitimate expenditures to win cannot be made when the window is open, then they should consider selling the team.

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