Cleveland’s fire chief, Angelo Calvillo, set to retire in May

After years of safety concerns from firefighters, the Association of Cleveland Firefighters hopes that will be a top priority for the new chief
Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 7:08 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “I think we’re looking forward to having a new chief and a new vision,” Francis Lally, president of the Association of Cleveland Firefighters said.

Cleveland firefighters will soon have a new leader in the department. Cleveland Fire Chief Angelo Calvillo will be retiring in May.

Lally said he wants a chief who will bring much needed changes to the department.

“I want to see a chief who’s humble, who comes in everyday and works to put the men and women of Local 93 of this division first and foremost,” Lally said. “And ensures they have the equipment and facilities they need to do their job so they can keep the residents safe.”

19 News has reported, in the years Calvillo served as chief, there had been safety concerns among firefighters. Those concerns included the use of damaged equipment while out in the community.

While he was not available for an interview today, Calvillo explained at a recent city council meeting it will be some time before he has an official replacement.

“I believe there will be an interim chief for some time and then there will actually be an examination for a fire chief,” Calvillo said.

Lally said broken equipment doesn’t just affect the firefighters, but also the public.

“It affects them in a big way because we’re not able to provide them the services to keep them safe,” Lally said.

While Mayor Justin Bibb has a big role to fill, Lally is confident the mayor will pick the right person.

“The reason is that he’s already taken steps since he’s been elected to address some of our needs,” Lally said. “If you look at the recent budget allocations, he’s budgeting the money where it needs to be and he’s also putting money into facilities and to fire pumpers and to the fire trucks and SUVs that we are desperately in need of.”

19 News reached out to mayor’s office to get some insight on who a possible candidate is or what qualities they want in the next fire chief. We have yet to hear back.

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