Cleveland councilman rides through ward looking for illegal dumping

Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 8:51 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The 19 News Troubleshooter team has been receiving tons of calls about illegal dumping sites around the city.

Huge piles of trash, furniture, and tires lay in alleys and vacant lots.

And we took your concerns to the city and Ward 9 Councilman, Kevin Conwell.

“So I wanna thank 19 for bringing this property to our attention,” said Conwell.

Conwell and his team drive through the Glenville neighborhood each month. They make a list of areas that have piles of garbage, homes that need to be boarded up, and alleyways that continue to be trashed.

“When it’s clean in an area, statistics show that crime decreases, people deserve to have a clean area,” said Conwell.

Once they have a list they send it to the Health Department, Building and Housing, and the Board of Public Works.

“And then you have to manage and bird dog the list,” said Conwell “Just because you gave it to them doesn’t mean they will execute on it”.

Conwell has several places in his ward that are constantly being reported but nothing has been done. He also has several spots that are cleaned frequently because people continue to dump the trash.

19 News will continue to shine a light on the illegal dumping issue, but it’s up to the community to speak up when they see someone dumping trash illegally.

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