Woman living with mold for months, and tired of fighting management for better conditions

Published: Apr. 21, 2022 at 8:24 PM EDT
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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) -Alice Little has been living in her apartment for 10 years. Just a few months ago she found what she described as mold in her bedroom’s closet.

“I kept asking my sister, don’t you smell that,” said Little.

Little called her apartment management who sent out a maintenance crew who cleaned the spots off the wall and even cut out a part of the dry wall.

But not even 2 weeks later more stains appeared. So the group came out again and wiped them off.

Little then used her own money to hire a mold inspector to come out.

According to the report all rooms in Little’s home were at good levels except her bedroom. The inspector gave her documentation showing that the levels of mold were so high she shouldn’t be in the room.

" I can still smell mold or something in my bedroom i have to wear a mask to go in there,” said Little.

Little sent the apartment team a letter showing her findings, but nothing has been done.

So she called the 19 News Troubleshooter team to help her.

“ I paid my rent in full and I’ve been sleeping on my couch for two months, " said Little. “I have medical conditions where I need to be in my bed”.

Now, Little is in the process of moving. But before she leaves she wants to make sure the next person who lives here is safe.

So we called the apartments corporate office, and after detailing why we called were sent to someone’s voicemail. To be fair we sent an email as well.

“I’m not calling them anymore, I’m getting out of here, " said Little.

We received a call back from the president of the company. Telling us that he would personally look into the issue tomorrow morning and give us a call back.

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