Building a Better CLE: Kamm’s Corners works to slow practice of churning properties

Building A Better Cleveland takes a lot of work and dedication from residents who want to live in clean, stable neighborhoods.
Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 8:36 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Longtime residents and new families are moving into a community keep it stable.

Kamm’s Corners on Cleveland’s West Side is doing what it can to be the kind of place people are proud to call home.

19 News went there today and talked with Hannah Gall, Neighborhood Development Manager for the West Park Kamm’s Development about maintaining that community’s good standing.

“West Park is a really great neighborhood. So many amenities that people are seeking out, whether it’s great access to transportation, whether you’re a driver or commuter. Access to the Metroparks, shopping, and great restaurants,” Gall stated.

Peter and Alexis Grapentien, their son Stanley, and their pooch Georgie Mae, share a home they found when the couple decided to move into Peter’s hometown.

“I was like I grew up in West Park and it’s reasonably priced. We ended up buying a house here and hunkering down.”

“It has been so special to get to know everybody. Now, we’re thinking how can we adjust our house, keep adding babies and stay here because we really love it.”

The CDC that Gall runs is working with residents and business leaders to slow the practice of churning properties, the buying and rapid sale of a home for a quick profit instead of a long-time stable community.

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