Eaton township begins cleanup after EF0 tornado

Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 2:30 PM EDT
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EATON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WOIO) - If you happen to have been in its path there is no such thing as a small tornado, even one classified as an EF0, which is what the twister that spun through Eaton Township has been classified as by the National Weather Service.

The tornado did significant damage in the Eaton Commerce Parkway Industrial Park.

The roof was torn off one of the storage facilities in the park, and a handful of cars in the parking lot, awaiting work at Red Line Tuning were significantly damaged.

Cody Pincura is the owner of Red Line Tuning and said he is hopeful that insurance will cover most of the damage, but that his customers had invested significantly in the cars that were damaged.

Pincura was standing outside when the tornado touched down.

“Essentially we saw a piece of roof fly over us into the field out there,” he said, “I’ve never heard wind sound like that and by that point our window blew out on our side door and we just ran into our office and ran into the bathroom.”

Jessie Reese owns Legendary Coatings and was standing in the doorway to his shop when the storm moved in and quickly realized it was more than just an average thunderstorm.

“I just saw the roof start peeling off and at that point I slammed my door and ran to the back of the building and found a safe place to hang out,” he said.

Insurance adjusters spent the morning walking the property checking for damage, specifically at the storage facility that had its entire roof ripped off the building.

The damage was significant but Pincura was gratified that no one was injured.

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