Schwab’s Browns Mock Draft

2nd round trade back
2022 NFL Draft
2022 NFL Draft(PRNewswire)
Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 6:13 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Pro Football Focus Mock Draft tool is one of the of the most fun things to do online around draft time. I decided to let it rip on a Browns mock draft that came out more interesting than I expected.

Mark Schwab's Browns Mock Draft through
Mark Schwab's Browns Mock Draft through

So here’s how this played out.

When the Browns hit the clock in the 2nd round with the 44th pick Drake Jackson was my top choice, but he was in a cluster of players similarly ranked. Dallas wanted to move up from 55. I offered 44 for the 55 and 88 overall, they took it. When the 55th pick came up, Jackson was still there. So that was a home run. Jackson had six sacks before getting hurt in 2021 and brings pass rush help to the Browns whether they bring back Clowney or not.

With the first of the three third round picks Logan Hall just had to be picked. A lot of people feel like he will go in the 2nd round. He was a three-technique at Houston, here would serve as a depth piece with pass rush upside as an interior lineman.

Parham is one of the more popular guards in this draft, and linemen are like pitchers, you can never have enough of them.

Danny Gray is very raw, but is fast. He would require some development and with him being the only receiver drafted here, the Browns would probably still need to address the position in free agency for a more instant-impact on the room.

In the fourth round I went with Bailey Zappe. This team does not need a back up quarterback, but Brissett is only on a one year deal. Zappe is frequently comped to Case Keenum. Smaller school guy from an air-raid offense that has a good head on his shoulders but is a little small and doesn’t have the biggest arm. He’s thought of as a career back up. He won’t bring the mobility that Watson has, so that could be an issue for the team in they want to groom a long-term back up, but you could do worse in this draft than Zappe for a developmental quarterback.

The Browns do not have a fifth round pick, but in the sixth I pounced on Brian Robinson as a value choice. I think he is probably long gone by the sixth. He had a big senior year, but could not get on the field much before that, always being beaten out by better talents like Najee Harris, Damien Harris and Josh Jacobs. Finally getting a chance this year, he ran for 13-hundred yards and 14 touchdowns while grabbing 35 passes. The analytics crowd doesn’t like him a lot, but he has his fans in the scouting community. If he’s your third or fourth running back, you’re doing well.

The seventh round started with cornerback Joshua Williams from Fayetteville State. Full disclosure, I had no idea who this guy was, but he was by the far the highest ranked player left so I took him. He’s a 6′3″ corner with a big learning curve, get him to the practice squad.

Cole Turner was my other 7th round pick. I was a little surprised he was still here. He doesn’t exactly fit what the Browns seem to like in tight ends, guys that can catch and block, but at this point in the draft just take a shot. Turner scored 19 touchdowns his last two years at Nevada, so he is an obvious red zone threat. He has a big catch radius and is athletic. Sometimes you hit gold with those guys. I do feel like the Browns will draft a tight end to develop this year and could very well do it much sooner than here.

If you want to do this exercise, give it a shot on the PFF Mock Draft website.

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