Family of 4-year-old Euclid boy believe his death was not accidental, suspect abuse

Published: May. 6, 2022 at 10:39 PM EDT
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EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - Euclid police are now calling the death of a 4-year-old boy suspicious. They’ve even removed three other young children from the home for their safety.

“They’re not giving no justice,” said Jauna Anderson, the 4-year-old’s grandmother. “They should be in jail right now. Both of them!”

On Thursday morning police found 4-year-old Musiah Wadud dead inside the Parkside Garden Apartments on E 260th Street in Euclid. His grandmother said his aunt and her boyfriend had custody of him. She says they claim the four-year-old fell down the stairs, but she believes something far more sinister happened to her grandson.

Anderson says she spent the past five years fighting to get her two grandsons, 4-year-old Musiah Wadud and his 3-year-old brother out of her daughter’s home, and now her worst nightmare has become a reality, her beloved grandbaby is dead.

“They killed my grandson,” said Anderson. “He wasn’t nothing but four years old! She was supposed to protect him!”

Euclid police are investigating the little boy’s death and while no charges have been filed, they say his death was suspicious. The little boy’s grandmother, aunts, and cousins are all grieving and desperate for justice.

“Why would you let this happen to our family? Why would you do that?” cried Ledoris Jones, the boy’s cousin.

Musiah’s grandmother said he was her son’s child, but her daughter and boyfriend had custody of him and his brother because her son is in jail.

“Your brother every time he calls, he feels safe knowing that his sister had his kids and she was taking care of them,” said Denise Anderson, Musiah’s aunt. “We can’t even bring the news to tell him that the sister is the one that killed him.”

The family claims Musiah’s aunt and her boyfriend have been abusing him and his little brother for years.

“Her boyfriend hit him, and I have been told him don’t put his hands on them when my daughter first got custody of him that he’s not supposed to hit them,” said the grandmother.

The family said they called child services multiple times, but nothing was done.

“I feel like the police is not doing justice, said Jones. “I feel like the children’s service is not doing justice. We cry out for help; we should’ve had help!”

The family also claims the couple wouldn’t let them see the kids.

“So, for this to happen and we’ve called child protective services and asked for a wellness check and asked for help and nothing was done,” said Sharnice Anderson, the boy’s cousin. “They failed him.”

On Friday police said they removed three children from the couple’s home for safety reasons.

“Musiah we love you and we’re sorry that this happened to you and we thought your auntie would be your protector but she wasn’t,” said Musiah’s cousin, Janell Anderson.

The family said Musiah’s brother was placed in foster care, but they are fighting to get custody of him.

“I just want justice for my grandson and I’m not gonna stop till I get it and I’ve been fighting to see my grandkids, I haven’t saw them in a year because she wouldn’t let me see him and now, he’s dead,” his grandmother sobbed. “Now he’s dead!”

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