Site of Sokolowski’s in Tremont to be turned into apartment complex

Published: May. 18, 2022 at 6:12 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A closed and empty Sokolowski’s University Inn is a sad sight to see.

The beloved Polish restaurant that sits on University Ave in Tremont served the Cleveland community for 100 years.

That all came to an end in October of 2020 when Sokolowski’s shut down due to the pandemic.

“I’ve known the Sokolowski’s since the 1980′s,” said Giancarlo Calicchia.

Calicchia is the new owner of the Sokolowski site.

He plans to transform the former restaurant into a six-story apartment complex.

“There is an incredible renaissance as far as residential in Cleveland so adding another 56 units is small and rather modest. We’re confident, it will be a success,” said Calicchia.

Calicchia and his business partners plan to tear down the existing restaurant... but they will keep some of the history of Sokolowski’s.

“Well we’re preserving a lot of the items,” said Calicchia. “There are hundreds of items in the restaurant... some we will keep and preserve and definitely do a monumental structure that will commemorate the Sokolowski tradition.”

If you’re wondering what will be the new name of this project. They are thinking of University Inn just to keep the historic feel of the new site.

“I think that is part of the passage of passing it on to someone who appreciates the family and respects the family and what they’ve done. It’s been an incredible trip for them,” Giancarlo Calicchia added.

Calicchia says Tremont means a lot to him and it’s important to contribute to its growth.

“We want to do something beautiful and iconic and add to what’s already been happening in Cleveland for the past 20 years or so,” he said.

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