Signs to be put up at Cleveland Heights intersection after drivers bring up major safety

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 6:48 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) -Its been almost a year since new traffic signs were placed at a 5-way intersection in Cleveland Heights due to a construction project at the corner of Euclid Heights, Cedar, and Cedar Glen Parkway.

On Friday our team found a new warning sign was placed a few yards from the intersection, warning drivers of new traffic patterns.

“It’s a major route for people wanting to go east or west in Cleveland Heights,” said driver Jennifer Talbot.

But that sign hasn’t always been there. Talbot, told 19 News earlier this month that she drives through the intersection almost every day, and each time she sees drivers disregard the new traffic patterns.

“I’ve been almost hit several times, been in the car with people and almost gotten hit, and I’ve seen a lot of near misses,” said Talbot.

According to the traffic signs, the two farthest lanes on Cedar Glen Parkway are supposed to turn right on cedar only, and the far left lane goes straight onto Euclid Heights Blvd. But drivers are creating their own traffic flow and some are using the middle lane to not turn right but continue straight. Creating a lot of potential accidents.

“It’s just really difficult to police that intersection, " said Talbot.

That’s what she said Cleveland Heights Police told her when she asked about getting more eyes on the intersection to help keep people safe. Unsatisfied with their answers she contacted the 19 News Troubleshooter team.

While shooting the video for the story our team counted 6 cars in 10 minutes that disobeyed the traffic signs. That’s 6 accidents that could have happened. So we called the police department ourselves. We were told they would look into the concern and get back to us.

“Hoping to have something happen to keep people safe on that intersection,” said Talbot.

During our most recent visit, we still saw cars not following the traffic signs, despite the new big warning. So we contacted police again. They told us due to safety reasons they couldn’t have an officer posted up at the intersection. But Chief Britton told us, they are looking to buy new signs, including a digital sign to help drivers.

Until then, we’ll hope all the near misses don’t turn into serious accidents.

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