Doggie daycare floods three times in past year, owners plead for help from township

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 9:06 PM EDT
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NORTH CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) -Brian and Tammy Smithson have owned Tails Inn the City in North Canton since 2013.

The doggie daycare and boarding facility on any given day holds up to 100 dogs.

But it’s not the packed house that is giving them a hard time.

It’s the flooding issue they’ve had since moving into the building.

“It was like 6 months after we had opened the business, and we didn’t know there was a problem at all with the ditch or any of it,” Tammy said

The pair repaired the damage back in 2014, and hoped it would never happen again.

But recently, It got worse with 3 flooding incidents in the past year.

“It just massively comes flooding in,” Tammy said.

So they contacted their landlord, who then contacted Jackson Township.

“They repeatedly tell me they know there’s an issue with the ditch and the pipes aren’t big enough to absorb the water but the funding isn’t there to fix it,” explained Tammy.

So they called the 19 News Troubleshooter team.

We spoke with the Townships Director of Public Works, Rich Rhon.

Rhon told 19 News they are currently working the North Canton to figure out why so many of their residents are having to deal with flooding.

Rhon promised to be in touch with the owners and the landlord soon with a plan to fix the problem.

Tammy and Brian told 19 News is something doesn’t change soon, they’ll have to move their business somewhere else, a plan they don’t want to have to put in place.

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