Flyers out of Cleveland Hopkins airport take potential delays and cancelations in stride

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 5:43 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Personnel shortages nationwide, continue to affect air carriers to the point that just about 15,000 flights were canceled or delayed across the country since Thursday of last week through Sunday during what according to TSA figures was the busiest travel weekend for air travel, so far this year.

That however did not stop people from northeast Ohio from swarming into and out of Hopkins on Monday.

The airport was bustling all day with people on their way out of town on business trips or vacations and most like business traveler, Gail, were too concerned with a potential delay trying to get home.

“I travel for business every week, s I am kind of used to it and I was traveling last week and had no problems but I was one of the fortunate ones,” she said, “I feel for all the other passengers that have cancellations and then may wait a day or so before they can get on another flight.”

Hopkins officials said there were a handful of cancellations and delays that affected departures.

Lavelle Jones was on his way to Atlanta to see family. Atlanta, the largest airport in the country was one that had significant cancelation and delay issues over the weekend, but Jones was not to concerned about being able to get home.

“I am self employed, I work from home, so I can work pretty much anywhere and we have family,” he said, “So it would just be an extended vacation for us.”

Travel nationwide was disrupted for a number of reasons, a major storm on the east coast caused significant flight delays and cancelations but the issue goes much deeper than a weather event.

The summer travel season is in full swing and unfortunately, at the same time, air carriers are reducing capacity because they don’t have the employees, specifically, in some cases, the pilots to get planes in the air.

Delta Pilots wrote an open letter to customers expressing their disappointment regarding the cancellations and delays and assured customers that the pilots, while keeping safety the highest priority, were working record amounts of overtime to fill in the gaps.

Don and Jill O’Donnell were flying Delta from Cleveland to make a connection at JFK on their way to Dublin, Ireland.

“I’ve read that they’ve been canceling 7 percent of their flights on average lately. And you know, if you miss a connection, and we’re going to JFK, if you miss that connection, obviously you’re not going to get to Dublin until tomorrow or the next day,” Don said.

Getting there was the O’Donnell”s main concern, getting home in July will be a worry for another day.

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