Euclid Beach Mobile Home Community members unsure about future

Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 6:08 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - At one point there were at least 300 hundred occupied units in the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Community but now a quick drive through shows many have fallen into disrepair.

However, many of the homes that remain occupied, about 130, are well kept and the people who live here prefer to stay right where they are.

But their concern that they may have to move is somewhat justified.

The mobile home park was sold to the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and is considered prime real estate as it is bordered on the east by the Wildwood Marina and Villa Angela Park, and the to west by Euclid Beach Park, all of which are run by the Metroparks.

Clearly there is value to moving the residents out and making the area one large green space, one large east side park.

But Matt Zone, senior vice president of the Conservancy, said that this will be a long methodical process, at least 7 more months of planning.

He said even then, an execution process that will take years, so no one should have any concerns that they are going to be suddenly thrown out of their home.

Zone also made it clear this planning process involves the entire Lake Shore Boulevard District - from East 185th street to East 140th Street - north of the Waterloo Arts District, which is another key reason that there will not be any rushed decisions.

The people who live in the mobile home community however remain concerned.

Carol McClain has lived here for 6 years.

“I told them I love living here, we’re living in the city but it’s like a country environment and I don’t want to move,” she said.

There have been multiple meetings that have included allowing resident to bring forward their concerns, but by this point, some who live here just want an answer.

“I just need to know what’s going on because I don’t want to get put out if we don’t know where we are going to go,” said Anthony Kelly. “They’ve been telling us they’re going to do this and do that but we just don’t know.”

Some residents said they would not be opposed to a plan that would consolidate the mobile home park, moving the still occupied mobile home closer to Lake Shore Boulevard.

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