South Miles back open after Warrensville Heights drivers call 19 News Troubleshooters

Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 7:26 PM EDT
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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) -South Miles road is back open after being closed for about 4 months. After part of it collapsed in March.

According to officials, the collapse was due to the combination of old infrastructure and severe weather.

There are a ton of people like Bernard Alexander who use this road several times a day, and since its closure, they’ve been dealing with longer commute times. Alexander told 19 News he’s almost missed his dialysis appointments because of the new route.

“Sometimes Miles is packed because of the traffic on 480, and you can’t get on 480 sometimes because they’ve had an accident,” said Alexander.

Alexander now asking questions about how long the road will be closed. And after not getting anywhere with the city, Alexander called the 19 News Troubleshooter team asking for help.

We contacted the city back in June and got this statement:

We are evaluating 3 repair options for the South Miles Culvert. Each of these options have different lead times and costs associated with them.

We are also soliciting costs from 3 qualified contractors and their schedule to be able to complete the work with the lead time for materials.

Finally, we are exploring funding assistance with the three options.

We are expecting the road to be closed at least 3 months longer and perhaps as long as 6 months depending on the chosen repair.

-Jeffrey Gates, Director of Communications

“That’s very upsetting, that’ll be in the wintertime and that’s not good at all especially when it snows and freeways are packed, and other routes have a lot of snow because the snow plows haven’t gotten to them,” said Alexander.

But In July we received a call from Gates saying the road is now back open. Great news for now only Alexander but drivers who use that road everyday.

“My driver was like Aria Janel, she got it out there didn’t she,” said Alexander. “And I said yeah it’s back open and I’m very happy”.

Part of the road is only open to one lane as construction comes to an end.

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