Eastlake Police: bathroom bandits who vandalized restrooms at Miracle Park wanted

Published: Jul. 21, 2022 at 11:00 PM EDT

EASTLAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - Cops believe kids vandalized the public restrooms at Miracle Park on Vine Street in Eastlake, the home to the Miracle League of Central Ohio.

According to a social media post by the organization, this was the second time in a week that the facility sustained damage.

Eastlake Police captured the damage in photos posted to their Facebook page.

The toilets were stuffed with items that were unflushable, a baby changing table was destroyed, and machines were pried open.

Tiny Studniarz of Willowick, who has five children herself, can’t understand it, “I was just shocked, I mean, people don’t care, they don’t respect anything. It was sad. Because that is a nice park for all kids.”

The park built by the Lake County Captains professional baseball team, is the home of the Miracle League of Central Ohio.

Together, they’ve created a field of dreams that removes barrier for athletes with mental and physical challenges.

But, now with the bathroom doors closed to the public, except during Miracle League games, until further notice, it creates an unnecessary obstacle for families who may need a restroom while at the park.

Antoine Gaines of Eastlake says everyone should not have to pay for what a few have done, “You have some people that have nothing to do with their time. They make it bad for those that are trying to actually enjoy the area.”

Sadly, July 12 is not the first time the Miracle League has had to cry foul, the group says they are working with Eastlake Police on damage that also happened one week earlier.

Gaines says, “It’s unfortunate. I don’t know if you can throw extra security there that will deter it.”

The facility has a sign posted touting 24-hour surveillance, and the security cameras are clearly visible. What’s unclear is if they were turned on or working when the bathroom bandits struck.

Eastlake Police make it clear this is not a game, they don’t plan to strike out when it comes to an arrest, so, they’re hoping adults in the park that day will play ball, and help them catch who’s responsible.

If you have any information or tips that can help Eastlake Police solve this case, please call 440-951-1400.

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