Warrensville Heights man demands action after water leak collapses apartment ceiling

Residents say they’ve contacted management and city officials about safety concerns
Published: Jul. 23, 2022 at 6:21 PM EDT
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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Most cannot wait to return home after a long day. But for a Warrensville Heights man, spending time at home leaves him concerned for his safety.

Malcolm Spencer, a resident at the Highland Woods Apartments on Country Lane, is demanding action from his building maintenance and landlord.

He told the 19 Troubleshooter Unit that part of his ceiling collapsed in mid-July due to a neglected water leak.

According to Spencer, there is also water leaking from his light fixtures, potentially causing an electrical hazard.

The resident said he turned to 19 News for help after calls to request maintenance repairs, and even a city inspection, went unanswered.

He showed a 19 News crew how he lines up pots and pans to catch the falling water from the ceilings of every room in his apartment.

He tells 19 News ever since he moved in last August, it’s been nothing but trouble: falling ceilings in the hallways, elevators that don’t work, malfunctioning fire alarms, dirty stairwells, overfilled dumpsters, vermin and multiple leaks in and out of his apartment.

“Every day it’s the same thing, the carpet is still wet. Just yesterday when we had another rain, it was coming down the walls and you could see the discoloration from the rain coming down,” Spencer said.

Spencer tells 19 News he and other residents have been in constant communication with the management, the parent company Integra Affordable Management and have even tried to get in touch with inspectors at the City of Warrensville Heights. He says no one is taking their concerns seriously.

“I see other tenants that are elderly and it’s, that pisses me off. Because they’re complaining, friendly good morning, they’re complaining and say I have a fixed income and I can’t this and that,” he said.

19 Troubleshooter, Sia Nyorkor, stopped at the leasing office and spoke with a worker who was not authorized to speak on camera. She referred 19 News to owner, Yomo Kaplan.

In the meantime, Spencer and other residents say they are scared and want some action, immediately.

“I’m not sure but I gotta get out of here. I have to get out here. And hopefully, some of the residents get out of here before something really happens bad,” said Spencer.

19 News has reached out to the apartment management team.

This story is developing.

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