Cleveland Police respond to more calls for dangerous drag racing

Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 5:17 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Police data shows officers are getting more and more calls about drag racing on city streets.

19 Investigates told you Monday about new details in one deadly accident police said happened while teenagers were racing down Broadway Avenue.

We took a deeper look at the issue and found drag racing is a problem city wide.

It’s creating heavy demand on a short-staffed police department, and taking young lives too soon.

At least four people have died in four months at the scene of suspected races.

19 Investigates obtained a list of all the drag racing calls police have responded to since the beginning of 2021.

We did the math and discovered that type of call is up 23% this year to date compared to last year.

We have video of two cars police said were racing when they collided and ran over a pedestrian in April.

She died near East 108th Street and Superior Avenue.

Yet, just a few weeks later in May, our list shows another call to the very spot where she was hit, for more drag racing.

You can hear engines in the 911 call from a neighbor.

“They killed a lady in front of my house a couple weeks ago,” he said.

Three of the most common streets listed on the drag racing report are Harvard Avenue, St. Clair Avenue and Lee Road.

But, we found calls are coming in from all over the city.

Monday, we told you about the calls from the accident that happened on July 8 in Slavic Village.

19 Investigates discovered it was two mothers who called 911 the night of this accident.

Police said two teenagers were drag racing when one car hit and killed two people riding a motorcycle.

Just two days later, 911 calls came in from Scranton Road in Tremont on July 9.

According to a police report, witnesses told officers more than 100 cars were racing in the area, when a man was shot to death.

As far as we know, officers are still looking for suspects in his murder.

19 Investigates reached out to police to find out if the department is taking extra steps to cut down on street racing.

While a spokesperson did not speak of additional efforts, she said CPD monitors traffic patterns for dangerous driving in partnership with the state highway patrol.

CPD also encourages citizens like the ones in this story, to continue calling in about the illegal activity.

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