Security changes made to Fairview Park Summerfest parade

Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 7:36 PM EDT
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FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio (WOIO) - The route of the Summerfest parade will be different this year.

“Instead of on Lorain Road, it will be going on Route 220 to Westwood Road, then to Route 210,” said Fairview Park Mayor Patrick Cooney.

The different route was inspired by a year of violence.

“I called him after the events of July fourth in Illinois and he expressed that he had the same concerns,” said Fairview Park Police Chief Paul Shepard.

Chief Shepard referred to the Highland Park parade shooting, where six people were killed on July 4th.

While Chief Shepard doesn’t anticipate any violence, the tragedy did make him re-evaluate the safety of the community during city parades.

“Our goal is to try to eliminate all the risk to our folks,” said Chief Shepard. “We can’t eliminate all the risk, but if we can eliminate some of the risks and make it a safer event, that’s what we did.”

Westwood Road is a residential area with two-lanes.

It’s a sharp contrast from Lorain Road, a five-lane state route in a commercial district.

For those still feeling uneasy about going to a parade after the Waukesha and Highland Park tragedies, Chief Shepard has this to say: “This is our 30th Summerfest. It is an incredibly safe, family-oriented event. We’ve just eliminated the risk that may come up.”

If anything else comes up during the parade, Chief Shepard said they’re prepared to handle it.

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