Fans react to Deshaun Watson’s six game suspension

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 5:58 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s what everyone is talking about in downtown Cleveland. Deshaun Watson has now been suspended for six games. Many say that’s not enough time off.

“I think he should have been suspended longer, perhaps have the season or maybe three-quarters of the season because of the allegations,” David Levy said.

I think six games is a little low, probably the whole season because you have things. you have lifetime suspension for gambling and this is a lot worse so I think he got off easy,” Craig Wiehe said. He was also walking downtown Monday morning.

“I’m not surprised. I guess I thought it would be more,” Cory Wiggins said.

19 News talked to one man who’s on the other side who did not want to be identified. He’s not backing down. He thinks Judge Sue Robinson’s decision was unfair.

“Zero, I believe he shouldn’t have got suspended at all

Now that a decision has been made, the question is, will this affect the team’s performance?

“The first six weeks will be rough because I don’t think much of their backup quarterbacks,” Wiehe said.

“They’re in a tough division,” Levy said.

However, fans say this will force the team to work harder.

“I think they will bounce back from that, they were expecting some kind of suspension.”

“When there’s smoke, there’s fire so everyone believes he did something right so the browns will get past that right and even though this will be a tough year for them, I think they’re looking at the future.

The NFL has three days to appeal. Fans believe the public reactions will be the determining factor if they will move forward with the appeal or not,” Lance Surdez.

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