Akron man charged with shooting 2 women arrested in Myrtle Beach

Published: Aug. 13, 2022 at 10:52 PM EDT

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Akron man accused of shooting two women on July 30 as part of an ongoing feud is back behind bars, this time in South Carolina.

Police in Myrtle Beach arrested Jason Turkovich on Aug. 8 after a concerned citizen from Northeast Ohio tipped off officers in South Carolina that he was wanted in Akron.

Turkovich was able to post 10 percent of his $100,000 bond and get out of jail in Summit County on Aug. 4, just days after he allegedly shot 21-year-old Teasijah Rogers and her aunt, Kayla Holt, on Stoddard Avenue.

A third woman, a family friend of the shooting victims was not injured, told police she fired back at Turkovich in self-defense. She immediately surrendered her gun to the police.

Turkovich, who police said initially took off when they arrived, eventually surrendered on July 30 and was charged with 3 counts of felonious assault. When he was released from jail, he failed to get a court-ordered ankle monitor so the courts could know his location at all times.

DeShawna Johnson, who lived at the Stoddard Avenue apartment with her daughter, says she’s relieved to hear about Turkovich’s arrest.

“I’m so extremely happy,” Johnson said. “At least I feel safer to even go anywhere or safety for my daughter, because I didn’t think it would end if he was out on the street.”

19 News asked Johnson what was behind the on-going feud with Turkovich, “I think it’s a superior thing. I think he has a problem with getting told what to do, I think especially by women.”

But, Johnson is especially disappointed with the justice system, saying Turkovich was charged with aggravated menacing six days before the shooting for threatening her daughter with a knife and it was caught on camera.

“A knife being pulled I don’t think he should have gotten out on a signature bond. He still could have been in jail from that incident and not able to shoot my daughter and sister if he was held on bond for that.”

The Akron Clerk of Court’s Office told 19 News that Turkovich was summoned to court for the aggravated menacing offense and failed to show up for court.

But, Johnson says a man who has already proven he’s dangerous has now placed a video of the shooting of her daughter on a social media page and hijacked the photo her daughter snapped of him when he pulled a gun before allegedly shooting her.

On the photo of Jason Turkovich with a gun drawn and wearing a bulletproof vest, he has now allegedly placed the words ‘God’s Plan’.

“He believes he did nothing wrong, that’s because the system keeps letting him go.”

Turkovich’s other criminal charges prior to the shooting include, three counts of violating a protection order related to his ex-wife on July 19th. He was out released on July 21 in that case.

On July 24, he was charged with aggravated menacing and several other charges for pulling a knife on his neighbor. He was also charged with menacing on July 23, accused of threatening Johnson.

Turkovich’s bond has been revoked on his pending cases through Akron Municipal Court. He is expected to be brought back to Summit County from South Carolina by the end of the month.

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