Westlake Police Department collecting flood relief donations for Floyd County, Kentucky

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 5:23 PM EDT
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WESTLAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - The Westlake Police Department is offering a glimmer of good hundreds of miles away.

The officers are collecting items to send down to people in Floyd County, Kentucky who’ve lost everything.

It’s all thanks to one man.

“Charity, disaster, things like that, they usually call me,” said Rick Grane, a community service officer with Westlake PD.

Grane works with several other agencies, including the Kiwanis Club. With the connections he has, and a room reserved at the police department thanks to Westlake’s Police Chief, it’s easy for him to get supplies where they need to go.

“When I load it up, I borrow a couple trucks from service, I get 3-4 guys,” said Grane. “We load up the trucks, head over to 160th, we put them on skids, they put them on skids, and take them wherever they need to be.”

It seems Grane’s got this down to a science and that’s because he does.

Grane has partnered with the police department and Kiwanis Club for six years, collecting money and goods for those in need.

This time he’s asking you to step up for Floyd County, Kentucky, so here’s what they need: water, nonperishable food, yard tools like shovels and wheelbarrows, generators, and basic hygiene products.

If you’re interested in helping: he’ll tell you the same thing he tells everyone.

“Just look for the white pillars of Westlake police, we’re open 24-7,” said Grane.

Grane says you can also contact him directly at his cell phone number and leave a message: 440-829-0974.

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