Noisy start to school year with ‘clap-in’ in Cuyahoga Heights

Staff greets students with music, fist bumps, and Big Red mascot
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 2:28 PM EDT
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CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - A new year and a new mascot, the school now the Red Wolves with wolf calls by “Big Red” greeting students as they walked in for the first day of the year.

“I feed off their excitement,” said Joel Kovitch, who greeted kids with a megaphone in the morning. “It’s a great group of kids.”

“Big Red was a big part of the reveal last year,” said superintendent Tom Evans. “I saw some parents taking some last-minute shots to embarrass their children before they step into school so that’s all great stuff.”

As for students and teachers, this year marks the second school year post-COVID and post-remote learning.

“Really excited for this year especially because like some of my high school career and my fellow class mates it’s just been so like weird,” said student council president Riley Connors,.

“Coming out of the COVID crisis and we certainly had to address the social/emotional things but we still do...our students and our teachers alike.” said Evans. “Teachers being out of the building, it was tough on everybody so we’re still building off of that, we’re still finding some gaps and that and trying to close those gaps.”

Closing the gaps by opening the doors.