Cleveland woman asks for help in getting roach problem under control

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 8:09 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Angela Bunce is dealing with a nasty problem.

She says for over the past few months, roaches have taken over her house on London road in Cleveland.

“You go outside, they’re swarming in the driveway, they’re swarming in the garbage can to the point where you’re afraid to throw away a bag of trash,” said Bunce.

Bunce has lived in her house for nine years and says she’s never had a roach problem

She believes that the roaches are coming from her neighbor’s house.

“We’ve know a couple of the residents who live there and they’ve taken me inside and the roaches we’re everywhere,” said Bunce.

Bunce spoke to the owner of her neighbor’s house about the roach problem and she says he was no help.

“He said well there’s no point in me exterminating my house since you have them in your house... so there’s no point in me exterminating your house,” she said.

Bunce says she called the city of Cleveland health inspector a week ago and still hasn’t gotten an answer.

She says she will hire an exterminator but she’s worried if her neighbor’s house isn’t addressed, the roaches will keep coming back.

“If the city won’t do anything and they won’t do anything about this house, I’m going to have to move,” Bunce added.

Bunce called the 19 troubleshooter team for help.

We reached out the the city’s Department of Public Health and was told that they are looking into the situation.

We will keep checking in with the health department to see if Bunce will get any help.

“I want my house back... I can not live with these bugs, I just can’t not,” said Bunce.