Community rallies to help family of victims of fatal fire in Geauga County

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 7:41 PM EDT
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GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Geauga County officials confirmed 9-year-old Chloe Sharp and her mother, Katie Heiden were killed in a fire at their home last week.

Chloe’s father and brother made out alive, but are now grieving the huge loss left behind.

Roger Hunker said he knew Katie and Chloe, a 4th grader at Berkshire Elementary School.

“It was pretty devastating,” Hunker, owner of BW Final Drive, said. “The livestock world is kind of a close-knit family. You may not personally know the folks but because of the farm business and [agriculture] business, you feel close to that.”

Hunker’s business works with local county fairs.

He said Chloe recently finished the first at the 4H shows during the Great Geauga County Fair.

In what normally would be a cause of celebration, sadly, Hunker is setting up a memorial fund to help the family.

“We’ve done this on numerous occasions for families that have had struggles within the livestock world,” he said.

The goal is to give back to the family in the same way they helped the 4H community.