Cleveland Clinic relaxes hospital visitor policy

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 8:43 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Cleveland Clinic is changing its visitor policy starting Tuesday back to pre-pandemic guidelines.

“We are back to full visitation, pre-pandemic,” said Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Safety, Quality, and Experience Officer Leslie Jurecko.

This means no more restrictions on visitation policy at the Clinic Clinic.

It’s a relief for patients fighting illness and injuries, some of whom are restricted to a bed and in need of any comfort or support from a loved one they can get.

Just one year ago, many had to fight their battles themselves.

“At one point, we went to almost zero visitors unless it was a very critical moment,” said Jurecko.

Now, however, the policy allows for as many visitors as a patient would like.

It’s a decision Jurecko said staff wanted to make for a long time.

“Our family members, friends, neighbors, are such a key component to the healing process that we would love many many people around the bedside,” said Jurecko. “So we really feel like they amplify the experience, and it’s important to know how much we value each of our community members that come to visit the patients.”

That’s also why the clinic is expanding visitation hours.

They’re now open 24-7 for visitors who may work odd hours or have challenging schedules.

So is this the start of the end for the virus? Not quite.

Visitors and staff members are still required to mask up and visiting policy could easily change depending on hospitalization numbers and COVID spread in the community.

However, Jurecko said the relaxing of guidelines shows health care professionals know this virus better than ever and the benefits of having visitors, at the moment, outweigh the risks.