Cavs hype man becomes wife’s biggest fan during her battle with cancer

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 5:58 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It was the phone call she feared.

“I remember looking at my co-worker and I mouthed to her. I was on the phone and I said I gotta go to a conference room. She knew I was waiting. I told her it’s cancer,” explained a tearful Trevina Johnson-Crump.

Trevina Johnson Crump was at work when doctors told her she had breast cancer. A co-worker consoled her during the devastating moment.

She followed me into the conference room, and I cried, expressed Johnson-Crump

Trevina was breastfeeding her son when she discovered a lump back in 2017.

The then 40-year-old went for a scheduled mammogram when her life dramatically changed.

“I said I don’t want to die. I got my family, my husband, and my kids. I don’t want this disease to take me,” said the mother and wife.

Trevina’s husband Ahmaad Crump is in the public eye. but what they were going through was extremely private.

“Deep under, deep inside I was freaking out. I was scared,” explained Ahmaad Crump.

The Cavs hype man is used to getting thousands of fans pumped up to rally around the team. But now, more than ever he had to rally around his number one fan and best friend, his wife.

" I’m talking to fans and I’m interviewing players and coaches, and you know I’m putting on this facade like, oh, yeah, everything is fine you know. But you know some fans knew that I just, I wasn’t right,” described Crump.

He said he knew he had to be strong to help Trevina get through the unknown journey ahead. This team together fighting this battle with faith and love.

" I was ready to put the gloves on with her, and you know we’re gonna go swinging, and that’s exactly what what we did,” expressed Crump.

A team of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic came up with a plan to treat Trevina’s Stage two breast cancer that spread into her lymph nodes. A year of infusion treatments was part of that process.

“I told myself at that moment I’m gonna take control of my health. I got into game mode.” This is not a death sentence. We did chemo first. I decided I wanted a lumpectomy. I went into surgery and when I woke up from surgery, they were like there’s nothing. We found no cancer,” said Johnson-Crump. Trevina’s been cancer free for more than four years. The Crumps wanted to share their story and be an inspiration to others as Ambassadors for this year’s Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio More Than Pink Walk at Joann World Headquarters in Hudson.

" There’s hope out there. You can beat this, just don’t stop fighting and don’t ever give up, explained Crump.

" I think this is my way if I can help one person if I can say you can get through this, described Trevina. Winning the fight, because together as a team, the Crumps are making it their mission to beat breast cancer.