Pregnant woman falls into manmade hole in East Cleveland sidewalk

Published: Sep. 15, 2022 at 4:11 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Alexandra Parsons had a scare of a lifetime Wednesday night.

She fell into this manmade hole next to the sidewalk on Terrace Road in East Cleveland.

To make matters worse, Parsons is eight months pregnant.

“It was about midnight, I was getting my son out the backseat... and as I stepped back, I couldn’t see the hole, as you can see the grass is growing over it... and my legs disappeared and I fell into it and hit my stomach,” said Parsons.

Thankfully, Parsons’ baby is expected to be ok.

She did hurt her knee but said she’s grateful that’s all that happened.

“I could’ve lost my baby. If I would’ve fell hard enough and my water would’ve broke, I could’ve had my baby immediately,” said Parsons.

Parsons wants the city of East Cleveland to fix the hole so no one else gets hurt. She reached out to the 19 troubleshooter team for help in rattling the cages.

“I called the Mayor’s office and they we’re kind like unprofessional and disrespectful,” said Parsons.

19 News also reached out to the mayor’s office to see what can be done about the hole, we were told our question would be passed along to the service department.

No one from the city has gotten back to us.

We even called the apartment complex located next to the hole to see if they could do anything about it but no answer.

Parsons said she doesn’t care who fills the whole, as long as it gets done.

“Well whoever is responsible, they need to do something because.. it could’ve ended up bad... and still my baby is in distress, it’s not ok.” said Parsons.