Secretary of State Frank LaRose makes rounds across Ohio for National Voter Registration Day

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 5:32 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Today, for National Voter Registration Day, Secretary of State Frank LaRose is making the rounds.

Tuesday afternoon, he stopped at Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Ohio City, encouraging folks to ‘Raise A Glass to Democracy’ and register to vote, just in time for November’s Midterm Elections.

“It is a time-honored tradition to talk politics over a glass of beer, over a glass of wine, over a distilled spirit, whatever you like to drink, it goes back to the founding of this country, to talk politics over a drink with your friends,” said Secretary LaRose.

Secretary LaRose’s program includes more than a hundred breweries, wineries and distilleries across the state.

In 2020 he added ‘Styling for Democracy’ at local beauty salons, barbershops and barber colleges - using the creatives to help to educate the community.

Mike Damico, the owner of Allstate Hairstyling and Barber College in Ohio City, said it seems to be working.

“You’re in the barbershops, you’re in the bars, you’re in the restaurants, that’s where you’re going to find people talking about politics and that’s where you’re gonna find a lot of people who aren’t registered,” he said. “They’re gonna sit and complain that they don’t want to do anything.”

To date, the program has helped register almost eight million voters here in Ohio, and is ahead of other states in the country.

Critics said Secretary LaRose needs to do more to make voting easier and more convenient to people in the community.

19 News Reporter Sia Nyorkor asked him if he’s open to adding more absentee ballot drop off boxes in areas.

Right now, there’s only one in each county across the state of Ohio.

Some say that’s an obstacle to full participation in the process.

“As far as those ballot boxes and doing what other states have done putting them in other places other than the county board of elections, I don’t believe our law allows us to do that but if our state legislature wanted to do that, we would work on it with them but I would have some concerns about that, the biggest would be logistics and security,” he said.

You must register or update your voter registration no later than 30 days before an election.

The upcoming voter registration deadline is October 11, 2022 for the November 8, 2022 general election.

Click here for more info about voter registration.