Shaker Heights toddler accidently trapped his father in chicken coop

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 9:48 PM EDT
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Shaker Heights, Ohio (WOIO) - A father had to be rescued by firefighters after his young son locked him in a chicken coop.

It’s a story that the Shaker Heights Fire Department’s assistant chief Jim Heath still can’t keep a straight face about.

“I was wondering how this happened,” he said.

The culprit Heath said was a toddler who was free as a bird in the yard.

“So I saw that we had a locked-in person it’s what we call it and it was an adult male locked in the chicken coop,” Heath said.

That’s right betrayed by his own little boy.

“I thought it was pretty funny I was surprised,” Heath added.

Heath told 19 news the toddler locked the door and dropped the key between the coop and a large rock.

But exactly how hard was the rescue for the 3 firefighters?

“The chicken coop it wasn’t that hard to force entry into the chicken coop just had to jimmy the lock and were able to open the door and help the father out,” he said.

Jokes aside the father couldn’t unlock the door from the inside.

Needless to say, this whole situation officials say did ruffle his feathers.

“It was a funny call like I said nobody was hurt nobody was injured,” Heath added.