Cleveland Heights man hasn’t received mail in months, demands answers

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 6:17 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Leland Thomas has missed bill deadlines, his credit cards have been canceled and he has had other financial woes.

All of this because he’s not getting his mail.

“All my billing came back, all my letters… they get sent back to the sender, so I haven’t had no mail,” said Thomas.

Thomas has lived in his Cleveland Heights Apartment Complex for eight years.

In April, he moved into a different apartment, but stayed on the property.

However, the mail didn’t move with him, instead it stopped coming completely.

“I’m helpless, I got to order stuff, I can’t order, I feel miserable seriously,” said Thomas.

Thomas said he filled out all the necessary paperwork to get his mail sent to the correct apartment.

He’s even called his local post office multiple times but no response…. So he contacted the 19 News troubleshooter team for help.

“This is my last resort to get my mail, sorry about that but I got to put my foot down to get my mail,” said Thomas.

We also reached out to the US postal service to get some answers.

A customer representative said she will be looking into Thomas’ situation.

Meanwhile, Thomas feels helpless. He just wants the same service everyone else gets on an everyday basis.

“I’m afraid to order stuff in the mail because it might go back,” said Thomas.