Ohio Task Force in Florida to help people impacted by Hurricane Ian

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 10:30 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Ohio Task Force One is on the ground in Florida to help the thousands of people impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Dr. Nicholas Kman, the task force’s medical team manager, is making sure rescuers stay healthy as they those in danger.

“Those rescuers are going to be going out in boats and they’re going to be searching buildings and there will be hazards out where they’re at,” Kman said. “So there will be flood water, contaminated water, animals, snakes and heat and all the other things.”

Now that Hurricane Ian has made landfall, the need for help is growing.

As of Wednesday night, the task force is north of where the storm is hitting in Tampa.

They plan to help once the threat of the storm settles so they can safely help others.

They are prepared to move at any minute.

“The plan is to spend the night in the gymnasium to stay sheltered and to stay safe, but all we really brought in was our bags and a sleeping bag,” Kman said. “We didn’t bring in cots. We don’t plan to stay here long; we could potentially be somewhere else tonight.”

A hurricane like this will leave thousands without the comfort of their homes and basic necessities.

Kman said there’s likely a long road ahead for these people, so he’s glad they can help in this devastating time.

“The other thing I always tell people is the storm coverage will probably end in the next two to three days, but the areas that are impacted will be without power for weeks to months and without infrastructure,” Kman said. “So think about those things in terms of Hurricane Ian as a long term process as these areas recover.”