6-year-old severely burned in Lakewood car fire trying to protect younger brother from flames

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 10:26 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A major car fire in Lakewood left a 6-year-old severely burned.

Dean Martin is recovering at Metro Health in Cleveland. He has second and third-degree burns on his face, arms, and legs. Martin’s mother says he worked to shield his 4-year-old little brother Elijah while her car was on fire.

“He said I’m Spiderman mom. I saved my brother. That was the first thing he said to me when we got here and he woke up from the medicine,” Iesha Newson said.

Newson’s car was in a parking lot in Lakewood around 5 p.m. She ran into the store to grab her prescriptions. She left her two sons in the car. She says it’s something she will forever regret.

“I came out, my car was on fire.”

A few good Samaritans helped get Elijah out first. He told everyone Dean was still in the car.

“They went back for Dean, right as they pulled dean out of the car. It exploded.”

Dean wears a new hat. He’s not only a brother and a son, but a superhero to everyone.

“I would have never thought he would put his brother in a trunk and stand in front of him so he won’t get burned. That’s very selfless for a 6-year-old.”

Newson says she learned so much from this heart-dropping experience. She will always share her story with the world.

“The most important thing I learned from this all is not to leave my children in the car unattended not even for three minutes because in three minutes you never know what can happen.”

Newson just bought her car two months ago. When she went into the store, she took her keys. It is still unclear what led up to the fire.