New developmental disability housing community makes history in Solon

Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 2:03 PM EDT
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SOLON, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s the first-of-its-kind neighborhood in Solon, and it is a game-changer for adults with developmental disabilities.

Lee Markowitz and his wife, Theresa, have always known eventually when they’re older, they won’t be able to care for their daughter, Hannah, the way they do now.

“We’ve been looking for things for our daughter ever since she was 3 years old,” said Markowitz.

Hannah is their blessing. She was born with disabilities, requiring the around-the-clock care.

“We really didn’t know what we were going to do,” said Markowitz.

That all changed a few years ago.

The Markowitzs met another couple with a similar situation.

That sparked an idea: “The solon community living.” An accessible, sustainable housing option for adults with developmental disabilities.

However, they had to jump through some hurdles before their dream could become a reality.

“This is the first time that the mayor is aware that a city in the U.S. rezoned property for this purpose. He really views this community as an example. We really hope this idea can be repeated if it’s successful,” said Markowitz.

The neighborhood has a place to stay for caregivers as well, giving residents that extra layer of support they need.

“We’re going to have two RA’s, resident advisors and they are going to be either students or undergraduate students at local university. The RA’s will live at the property,” said Markowitz.

The Markowitzs say a living community serving those with disabilities is needed all over the country, and they hope this paves the way.

“Most of the people that are living there are going to have some type of support from the county,” said Markowitz.

In 2023, they will break ground, and in 2024, they plan to open up.

For information on how to apply and the cost, click here.