‘Blow up the IRS’: Cleveland FBI arrests Sandusky man allegedly involved in extremist group

Aron McKillips
Aron McKillips(Source: Lucas County Jail)
Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 11:46 AM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WOIO) - Special agents have arrested a Sandusky man who authorities allege is a member of the extremist group “Boogaloo Bois.”

Federal court records show Aron McKillips was taken into custody Tuesday in Perrysburg Township in Wood County.

He’s accused of making online threats toward police and federal agents as well as illegally owning a machine gun.

The evidence against McKillips was laid out in a 26-page criminal complaint by a member of the Cleveland Division of the FBI.

The complaint says McKillips would turn Facebook and online chat groups like Singal, Keybase and Discord to discuss weapons and his dislike of government.

It contains several quotes from audio recordings the FBI says McKillips published online, including:

  • “I just wanna blow up the IRS.”
  • “See, I’m down to go to like riots and [expletive] like that but as long as you’re not burning down a [expletive] Target or some [expletive] stupid like that... I would really like to uh-put that energy toward like federal buildings or uh police departments.”
  • “This [expletive] started out being a [expletive] way to kill feds. That’s what we were about. The main [expletive] beginning was kill feds, kill police, kill government officials. Kill them. Murder them. Unalive them. Delete them. Get rid of them.”

According to the complaint, McKillips allegedly provided others with an attachment that converts a semi-automatic rifle to a fully-automatic machine gun.

Records show he’s due back in Toledo federal court for a detention hearing on Nov. 9.