CAUGHT ON CAM: Truck plows through porch of Cleveland home

Published: Nov. 6, 2022 at 11:16 PM EST

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Neighbors on one stretch of West Boulevard in Cleveland say their patience is at the end of the road due to speeding cars and trucks on the I-90 exit ramp having repeatedly slammed into their homes and yards.

On Saturday afternoon, Sherry Heart’s home in the 3000 block of West Boulevard was hit for the fourth time. This time by a truck she says ran the red light as he came down the exit, destroyed the guardrail and then barreled into her home, taking out her porch, and causing structural damage. Heart says just minutes before the crash family members were actually sitting on the porch that was destroyed, “He could have killed a lot of people.”

The dramatic crash was caught on Heart’s surveillance camera. The driver survived the crash, but was pinned in the truck and had to be pulled out through the window. She says he just missed her gas meter.

Heart says along with her home being hit by cars and trucks 4 times, the guardrail that sits as a barrier in front of her home has been destroyed 43 times because of accidents. “Mentally this is too much, and how do I sell my house? Morally, how do I sell my house? I would never wish this on somebody.”

Mildred Santana and her husband live next door to Heart, and directly across from the exit ramp. It was one year ago when a speeding car from the freeway slammed into their home.

The damage is still being repaired, “We can get it fixed, but still have the same problem that hasn’t been fixed, and I don’t understand. What are they waiting for, for someone to get killed?”

The Santana’s home and garage have also been hit by cars 4 times and their guardrail replace an estimated 25 times. Santana’s elderly parents live right next door, and they also can’t escape cars crashing into their home and yard, “I’m very tired. I’m getting affected emotionally and my health because everytime I hear a tire screech, I run.”

Neighbors from 3 homes demanding the Ohio Department of Transportation take a crash course on what’s happening in their neighborhood, “It’s dangerous,” Santana said.

The group is begging ODOT to get in the driver’s seat and do something to address the issue, before one of these crashes turns deadly. Heart says the exit ramp should not be there, but since it is, here’s her suggestion, “If they got to put an island in to make it mandatory that cars and truck go right or left.”

19 News reached out to ODOT last year asking about the I-90 exit ramp and West Boulevard and the problem with cars crashing into homes, at the time ODOT said they didn’t think there was a problem. 19 News has reached out to ODOT again and is waiting for a response. Neighbors on West Boulevard say they won’t be ignored.