Coaches and fans of Walsh Jesuit High School soccer get heated over calls during game

It was all caught on video
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 11:30 PM EST

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Coaches and fans are caught on camera as they lose their cool, screaming at referees at the end of a high school playoff soccer match.

What began as friendly competition between the Walsh Jesuit High School girls soccer team and the Strongsville girls’ soccer team on Saturday, ended with Walsh Jesuit losing the game and the head coach and an assistant coach aggressively taking to the field in an attempt to confront a referee.

The two coaches were apparently angry after Strongsville was granted a free kick or penalty kick that won the game.

In the video you see the head coach of Walsh Jesuit appear to aggressively take to the middle of the field at the end of the match. Several people held him back before he could get any closer to the referee, and tried to calm him down while escorting him away from the referees.

A short time later in the video, you see a man who appears to be an assistant coach for the team also aggressively walk towards referees. But, within seconds a Macedonia Police officer escorts the man away from the field, as fans also appear to approach the field.

Aaron Heflin and his wife Vicki whose kids do not attend either school involved in the incident were shocked as we showed them the video of how it all played out, “The coach should not enter the field at all. When you’re a paid employee you’ve got to act professionally. I mean, I can understand the fans getting a little upset. But, the coach, no. You should never act like that,” Aaron Heflin said.

Vicki Heflin just shook her head saying, “That’s bad sportsmanship. It’s negative, you’re starting to fight.”

19 News did reach out to Walsh Jesuit High School, as well as the Ohio High School Athletic Association. We have not heard back. Sources say an investigation is underway by the OHSAA, and the findings could determine any discipline for the coaches.