Lorain condo owner says property manager has failed to fix collapsing balconies

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 5:10 PM EST
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LORAIN, Ohio (WOIO) - Condo owners at Residents on the Green in Lorain are worried about the balconies collapsing on their building.

James Johnson, a resident at the condo building, said he’s worried someone will get seriously hurt if the balconies aren’t fixed in time.

“You can see the board, the flooring and how it’s all bowed up,” Johnson said. “It’s actually sinking down the middle. Our neighbors down below us that’s the worst one.”

Worried about his safety, he called the Lorain building inspector in August to come out and take a look.

As a result of that inspection, they cited the building’s property manager, United Property, for a “dangerous structure or premises.”

Temporary beams were put up to stabilize these balconies that are collapsing on one another, but Johnson said it doesn’t make him and his neighbors feel any safer.

The HOA sent a letter to residents saying when they’d start repairs.

“We have determined to replace the beams and make satisfactory cosmetic repairs at our cost,” Johnson read. “We will schedule repairs within the next 60 days.”

Those 60 days have come and gone and since then, Johnson said the problem has only gotten worse.

Now, the 19 Troubleshooter team is involved.

To be fair, we contacted the CEO and president of United Property to get an answer on when these would be fixed.

He wouldn’t give an answer and said to call his attorney. When 19 News asked for his attorney’s information, the CEO and president replied, “there’s nothing to talk about here.”

Johnson and his neighbors said they disagree.

“The HOA and the city government doesn’t seem like they’re concerned about people’s safety,” Johnson said.

The 19 Troubleshooters will keep working to get answers until this job is done.