City releases plan after residents plead for speed detectors to be placed at busy intersection

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 7:58 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The troubleshooter team is finally getting answers from the city of Cleveland and neighbors are relieved.

Back in September, the city of Cleveland gave a potential solution to the reckless driving happening on Cleveland’s west side.

Earlier that month, Nora Rodriguez and her neighbors on West 81st Street called 19 News after getting fed up with drivers speeding down their street and disregarding stop signs.

“He couldn’t control the car and lost control, " said Rodriguez. " He ran into that guard rail knocked out the fence and the gate.”

Some accidents caused not only property damage, but the loss of a life.

“A child was playing on the sidewalk and a car was speeding, for some reason they lost control and killed a child,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said she has contacted the mayor’s office and been to city council meetings, but nothing has been done.

She wants speed bumps or a traffic camera added.

“Even if I have to take up a collection to put the speed bumps here I’m willing to do it,” said Rodriguez.

So she called the 19 News Troubleshooter team and we contacted the mayor’s office, we were told about the city’s speed table pilot program.

We were told that West 81st Street was considered, but in the end did not meet requirements.

When I asked if there was another option, the city suggested a mobile radar speed sign.

According to the traffic engineering department, the signs are being relocated in the next two weeks, and West 81st Street will be looked at as a possible location.

Our Troubleshooter team followed up last week, but no speed radars were placed in the neighborhood.

So we contacted the city to see if not on West 81st Street, where were these radars placed?

According to the city they haven’t forgotten about 81st street.

In fact they had to order more speed signs in order to give the residents the results they are looking for.

Giving everyone hope for a safer city.