Macedonia snow plowing company working to keep prices low amid high fuel costs

Reliable Snow Plowing Specialists have had to pay double the cost in fuel compared to last year
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 9:07 PM EST
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MACEDONIA, Ohio (WOIO) - The trucks at Reliable Snow Plowing Specialists have started their engines and have hit the ground running since a lot of Northeast Ohio has started seeing snow.

Doug Beigie, the company’s vice president, said no matter the weather or soaring gas prices, they are prepared.

“We keep our fleet maintenance up to date, we optimize our routes to stop excess driving, practice good habits,” Beigie said. “We don’t allow the truck to idle out in the parking lot for 15 minutes just wasting burning gas, soft starts, check the tire pressure. All the things we do as consumers we have to do in the business.”

Last year the company was paying about $3 a gallon for fuel. This year, they’re paying $6, so they are working to cut costs where they can.

Their plows drive all across Northeast Ohio to Toledo, and parts of Pennsylvania. Beigie said having their trucks stationed at their Macedonia location isn’t always cost effective.

“We place our trucks within 10, 15 minutes or within seconds from the accounts that we service and now that also helps us to maintain our costs,” Beigie said.

Even though these prices are tough on business, Reliable Snow Plowing Specialists are making sure they keep costs low to get the job done.

“It’s a domino effect. We realize the fuel costs more, so we work in other areas to be more productive and decrease costs to our customers,” Beigie said. “We’re always looking for cost saving ideas and we’re implementing new things daily to help with our customers.”