Parma woman demands change after dog hit and killed

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 7:14 PM EST
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PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) -A local woman is taking action after her dog was killed in a hit-and-run crash. She created a petition in hopes the community will support her mission. Alyssa Freitag said she wants speed bumps on side streets in Parma, especially on Lincoln Avenue near State Road.

“Speeding down side streets is not necessary.”

One-year-old Basil was a white husky pit mix. She was hit by a car Tuesday morning, November 15, around 9 a.m.

A few teens saw her lying in the street and carried her to the sidewalk. Freitag’s boyfriend found Basil moments later.

“He tried to give her mouth to mouth, trying to do anything that he could but she didn’t make it,” Freitag said.

Freitag says life without Basil has been depressing.

“It’s very hard, I miss her,” she said. “She was my best friend, she just turned a year old on November 9. She was the most kind and gentle dog I’ve ever met. She loved everybody. She didn’t bark at people. She always welcomed you when you came into her house.”

The speed limit on Lincoln Avenue is 25. Freitag said the driver could not have been going that speed.

“If you are not going over 25 miles, you should be able to see her, you should be able to at least try and brake, and if you don’t brake in time, I don’t think it would be fatal damage like it was.”

Freitag posted her heartbreaking experience to Facebook. Many people began to share similar stories.

“It feels amazing to know I am not alone.”

She has over 200 signatures. She is hoping to acquire more than 1,000.

“I am definitely going to keep promoting it, I’m definitely going to the council in Parma, see what I can do, see what I can get done because I want my dog to be remembered.”

She wants to save another family from the pain of losing their furry loved one.

“Basil deserved better, every dog this has happened to deserves better and I just want to make a change.”

Freitag started the petition just a few days after the incident. 19 News plans to check back with the city when they have a chance to review it.

If you are interested in advocating alongside Freitag, you can find more information by clicking this link.