Syracuse family shows off their Browns spirit with home

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Published: Dec. 3, 2022 at 12:07 PM EST
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SYRACUSE, New York (WOIO) - One woman didn’t know what she was missing until she met her husband who is a fanatic browns fan.

Sue McHale wasn’t born a browns fan. But you would never know by the way she decorates her house.

“I kind of went nuts on it. I decorated our whole house with a man cave per say. Kitchen, we have our dining room family room every room bathroom entire house is Cleveland Browns,” said McHale.

Sue and her husband Dave, don’t even live in Cleveland, they live in Syracuse They also bleed orange there but it’s for Syracuse University.

“I was always a football fan growing up but I didn’t have a team and dave was a big browns fan because of Jim Brown going to Syracuse university and then coming to Cleveland and so orange helmet he followed.”

Since then, the McHale’s have rallied together hundreds of browns fans over the years. Sue even started a browns backers fan club in Syracuse.

“All these other fans came out of the work, and it’s been really fun to get people together on a Sunday. I have organized a bus trip for fans from Syracuse to Cleveland for over 30 years,” said McHale.

The McHales are also season ticket holders. Kevin McHale’s son, he’s been raised right. He knows if you’re a true browns fan--there are sacrifices in your social life on Sundays that you have to make.

“Yeah with girlfriends and everything I have to kind of explain to them that like this is like religion for us on Sunday, this is a church like you have something important going on Sunday at 1 o’clock and I’m not gonna be there,” said Kevin McHale.

Win or lose, at least the McHale’s have each other.

“We’ve had a lotta fun over the years we’ve met some really dear friends of ours,” said McHale.