Cleveland resident asks city to repair streetlights on dark Detroit-Shoreway streets

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 5:54 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A Cleveland man says he fears for his safety due to lights on his streets that have been out for months.

He reached out to the 19 Troubleshooter Team to take a look and help solve that dark issue.

Luis Corrado says nights on his street in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood are pitch black.

He told 19 News the area of Lorain Avenue and West 83rd Street is now a target for crime

“I tried to call the mayor’s office, I’m the type to go over someone’s head to get something done... after I called them, they never called me back,” said Corrado.

He said he’s also called Cleveland Public Power. He told 19 News their crews fixed the issue but days later, the light was out again.

“That’s when I decided to call you guys at 19,” said Corrado. “I figured I’d go to the mayor and get it taken care of. I can’t even get through to the mayor.”

A Cleveland Public Power employee told 19 News they had no knowledge the light was out and are working to fix it.

CPP also shared this statement: “We will have our crews investigate and make the necessary repairs. The safety of our residents is our priority.”

“It’s just getting bad, you shouldn’t have to watch over your shoulders,” Corrado said.

Corrado said he’s hopeful but he’ll believe it’s getting fixed, when he sees it with his own eyes.

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