Piece of American history for sale in North Olmsted

Buyer won’t be able to hang it on a wall or take it home -- it is a home!
Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 2:16 PM EST
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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) - Lustron Homes are so unique there are books dedicated to them, a locator to find other Lustron homes around the country, and an instruction manual, a piece of American history that’s half art and half science.

“This is like what happens when little boys who play with erector sets of Legos grow up and become architects,” said Rita Kerfonta, owner of an 1100 square foot, entirely steel home on Mastick Road in North Olmsted

“It was twelve tons of steel,” said Roger Scheve, a realtor now selling the home, “and when it was done, it was put together as a kit and it was loaded onto a specially-made delivery truck for delivery purposes in order of how people would put them together.”

Kerfonta hadn’t heard about Lustron homes when she bought hers but will now sell it so she can move to North Carolina.

“After buying, I came to find out stories about it, one was being that there was one on display in the Museum of Modern Art,” said Kerfonta, “but people kind of came out of the woodwork about Lustron, no pun intended.”

The Lustron Company only existed from 1947 to 1950, government-funded with $37-million to help with the post-World War II housing demand, the company making 2500 homes in a Columbus, Ohio hanger.

“Today, there are about twelve-hundred left across the eastern U.S. and they’re a mid-century modern pre-curser piece of Americana history,” said Scheve. “It’s a very unique property, no two-by-fours, no drywall, very low maintenance.”

“There’re so few,” said Kertonta. “It comes with its own history.”

“They’re quirky and unique,” Scheve concludes.

There’s even a site for locating other Lustron homes around the country.