Lorain apartment complex trash troubles, residents and city council tired of the stinky mess

Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 11:24 PM EST

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Trash troubles that have resulted in one apartment complex’s trash not being picked up for at least 6 weeks, has residents fed up, frustrated and angry. Because it’s also a potential health concern.

Luis Baez says his mother has lived in the same apartment at Westgate Garden Apartments in Lorain for two decades, has always paid her rent on time and deserves better than garbage littering the ground, and overflowing from at least half a dozen dumpsters, “When I pulled up I could literally smell it. Thanksgiving just past weeks ago, so this food is just sitting there. It’s a health issue.”

Resident Maria Baez tells 19 News this is the worst she’s ever seen it and whoever owns and runs the apartment complex has a responsibility and needs to clean up their act, “It is ridiculous. This has been like the third time, but, this has been the worst.”

Lorain City Councilman Rey Carrion doesn’t even represent the 7th Ward where the Westgate Garden Apartments are located on Leavitt Road, but he says he does represent the people of Lorain, and they deserve better, “I’m beyond fed up. I just think this is abuse. This is a corporation just taking advantage.”

Councilman Carrion says he talked extensively to the management at Westgate Garden Apartments and Pearl Village Apartments, about the trash disposal issue. He was told when the current company recently took over there was an issue about Republic, the trash disposal company being owed approximately $4000 dollars. But, the Councilman was promised that has since been cleared up and pickup was supposed to resume. This after Councilman Carrion came out on Thanksgiving with volunteers, bring out two extra dumpsters and cleaning up the overflowing trash with the understanding pickup would be by the next week.

But, Carrion says that along with the residents, he’s been given nothing but broken promises, “Myself and my foundation we brought in volunteers, brought in dumpsters at two locations and have paid workers to clean things up because it was a mess. This was with the understanding those pickups would be restored rather quickly and they haven’t.”

19 News reached to the management at Westgate Garden Apartments and Pearl Village, but because it was after hours we were forced to leave a message.

The apartment complex claims ownership has recently changed but according to a Secretary of State document only a few letters have been added to WG Westgate Gardens LLC, and Councilman Carrion says it looks like it’s the same company, “We are not going to put up with this not going to tolerate this type fo business practice. It violates every provision of the tenant landlord law in Ohio.”

The 19 News Troubleshooter is working to get answers from the management company and owners to find out exactly how they plan to clean up their trash troubles, and if in fact their bill has been paid.