Cleveland apartment residents say they’ve had no heat for 5 days

Will have to wait several weeks to be fixed
Published: Dec. 9, 2022 at 11:30 PM EST

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - No heat in December. That’s what residents at one apartment complex in Cleveland say they’ve been living with since Monday, December 5th.

Now, 5 days later residents at Edgewater Park Manor on Lake Avenue tell 19 News they have finally been told a new boiler is needed for their building and getting heat restored could take weeks. Elyse who asked us not to use her last name is one of those tenants,

“On Monday a lot of the tenants realized that the radiators in our apartment buildings were ice cold even though they were turned on. This building has 40 units, and several residents are elderly, some are sick, and it’s Cleveland in December and it’s cold.”

Those who live at the Lake Avenue building tell 19 News they’re feeling a bit frosty with Overland Properties that manages the building, saying they’ve had to beg for information on when the heat would be working again, “Many of us, myself included, sent several emails and texts, several people called, trying to get information on why the heat was out, what was being done, and when we could expect heat to be restored. They were not responding,” Elyse said.

On Day 4 with no heat, heaters were delivered to each apartment after Elyse says she filed an official complaint with the City of Cleveland’s Department of Building and Housing, “And I told Overland Properties that, the management company of this building, and they started to reply and say we’re trying to figure it out,” according to Elyse.

But, now 5 days with no heat, there’s news that restoring the heat will take far longer than some expected, “About an hour ago they told us the boiler has to be completely replaced, and it’s going to take 2 to 3 weeks.”

Residents say no heat in your apartment for weeks is just not acceptable, “We’re concerned with everyone running space heaters that it could be a fire hazard.”

19 News reached out to the apartment management company Overland Properties who responded in a statement saying in part:

“We have been working constantly and as quickly and safely as possible since Monday. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. We are meeting with all of our residents individually to discuss the best options for their needs. We hope that the boiler will be repaired in the next couple of weeks, parts already have been ordered.”