Iconic Cleveland Heights record store closing doors after 55 years in business

Record Revolution opened in 1967, influencing music and culture on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights
Published: Dec. 12, 2022 at 1:37 PM EST
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Rob Love started working at Record Revolution as a teenager in 1987, eventually becoming a partner in 2005, now forced to close the store after the holidays.

“I’ve been very emotional thinking about it,” said the 49-year-old co-owner. “I don’t know if it’s sunk in 100% yet but I have enjoyed all of the fans and customers that have come by and visited and shared their stories of what Record Revolution means and meant to them.”

Bands have credited support from Record Revolution for helping make them famous, and it was consistently voted best record store in Northeast Ohio. But it was about more than records.

“I call it a lifestyle store,” said Love. “This was the first place in the U.S. where you could buy Doc Martens boots and shoes. Sketchers, Sketchers tennis shoes, first here.”

It survived digital music and the gradual demise of retail but it didn’t get a boost with the return of vinyl.

“Heck, all of a sudden, Target’s selling records again, or Urban Outfitters, or any of these big boxes,” said Love.

The intimate store, as opposed to the big box, was a perfect compliment to Coventry Road for more than 50 years.

“It’s almost symbiotic...this thriving subculture that organically happened in this neighborhood,” said Love. “But things do change, right, of course,”

The store will be open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. through the holidays and its last day will be Dec. 31.