19 Troubleshooter: Elyria apartment resident battles mold, plumbing issues, no heat

Published: Dec. 21, 2022 at 8:05 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 21, 2022 at 8:06 PM EST
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ELYRIA, Ohio (WOIO) - Several people in a local apartment complex say they’re dealing with mold, plumbing issues, and no heat right before this winter storm.

“I had raw sewage all over my bathroom because the toilet overflowed,” said Rosewood Apartments Tenant James Houchins. “In my bathroom, it had started leaking, and it was like that for over five days.”

This is what people who live at the Rosewood Apartments in Elyria say they’ve had to deal with for months.

Issues include toilets overflowing, broken plumbing, and in some cases, raw sewage overflowing all throughout the apartment.

The nasty re-occuring problems were enough to drive some apartment tenants out already.

“I would still be here if they treated me correctly,” said former tenant Kaylee Stimmel.

However, others, like Houchins, claim they’re dealing with other issues like mold and no heat right before a storm that could bring wild chills below zero.

“I’m not from here, so when they’re talking temperatures -20 plus, it’s concerning, especially for my dog that’s here when I’m not here,” said Houchins.

After reaching out to building management countless times and getting responses, according to Houchins, like “mold is not our responsibility,” he called the 19 Troubleshooters and we got to work.

We started by trying to talk to the property owner ourselves.

She wouldn’t talk to us on camera, but said they can’t fix the heat until certain parts come in.

When asked when that would be, she said she didn’t know and referred us to Elyria’s building department.

We called several numbers, with no luck so far, but you can bet the 19 Troubleshooters will continue making calls until the people at Rosewood Apartments can live comfortably in their own homes.