Christmas Day at Cleveland Hopkins meant flight delays and cancellations for at least a 3rd day in a row

Published: Dec. 25, 2022 at 11:04 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - For many, the Christmas of 2022 will be remembered for flight delays and cancelations, instead of holiday memories with family.

Over the past four days hundreds of air travelers mapped out a clear flight plan, wanting home to be their destination on Christmas, but many spent Christmas Day in long lines trying to rebook a canceled flight, while others waited at the airport for hours to pick up loved ones.

Josh Staziani was at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport nearly all of Christmas Day, “We’re trying to meet our granddaughter coming in from Atlanta. She’s on about a 6-hour delay with Southwest.”

But, many say it wasn’t just a brutal snow storm that caused delays and cancellations, “I’m shocked that the delays, some of it was due to understaffing. The airlines don’t have enough pilots or flight attendants.”

Maureen Gray was stranded in Orlando for 4 days, but was happy she finally made it home to Cleveland for Christmas, “Our flight had been delayed and canceled multiple times and we’re just happy we’re back on Christmas Day, and back with all of our family.”

Planes were grounded all across the country, and the airlines were overwhelmed. Many travelers are being told there’s no available flight until Thursday. Devin Corcoran and his wife Regan had to get creative, “My family’s in Cleveland, we live in Nashville and her family’s in Houston. So, we’re trying to get to Houston through Nashville just in case our 2nd flight gets canceled.”

But, while the holiday is nearly over, a travel nightmare for thousands of air passengers is not, many will have to decide if they can afford to wait and take a flight 4 or more days from now or get a refund in hopes of traveling to see family for the next holiday.