Cleveland residents of low-income apartment devastated after Christmas Eve flood

Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 11:52 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - For the second time in a month, the residents of the Winton Manor apartments in Downtown Cleveland reached out to the 19 Troubleshooter team devastated over their current living conditions.

Last time, they told us ongoing renovations had led to periods without heat and hot water.

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Most of the people who live in the low-income building are elderly people and people with disabilities.

“It was terrifying because it was like I didn’t know what was going on and it started going through my ceiling,” one resident told us. “The globes in my lights were full of water, it was on my bed, all on my couch.”

Some Winton Manor residents spent Christmas Eve waiting to be put up in a hotel after their apartments flooded.

“I actually wanted to go see my granddaughter, but you know that didn’t work out that way,” a resident told us.

The source of the mess was a burst water pipe. One woman said it took hours for the building to shut the water off. Another resident sent us videos of the damage to their apartment.

“They couldn’t shut it off,” one resident explained. “They didn’t know where to shut it off at. My understanding is that the management didn’t call them back.”

She said after about eight hours they finally put her in a hotel.

“It took a long time for the building to put people up,” she said. “I think it was maybe 5, 6 o’clock at night. I was stuck, the security guard let us go in the back where they were at to let me warm up and dry off but for the most part, we were there all day until the evening to get to a dry and safe place.”

LaTonia Morgan’s apartment flooded too.

“It was seeping up under my door and when they opened the door it came gushing out like Niagara Falls,” Morgan said.

Morgan wasn’t home because she was already staying in a hotel due to other issues with the renovations at her apartment

“I’m upset,” Morgan said. “I’m hurt. I’m hurting for the other part, hurting for myself and I think I’m handling it pretty well considering but I know tonight I’m gonna cry myself to sleep.”

Both women said the damage is extensive.

“I can’t even put a dollar value on some of the sentiment that I’ve lost that can’t be replaced,” said Morgan. “As far as material things, well over $30,000.”

“All my furniture is probably destroyed,” the other resident said. “It’s gonna have some kind of mold or something on it so all of that’s probably destroyed.”

19 News called up John Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Evergreen Real Estate Group.

He said it was a terrible and unfortunate incident that was out of their control.

He admitted it couldn’t have been worse timing, but said they’re doing everything they can to take care of the 14 displaced households.

He said they were all in hotels and on Tuesday they gave them food vouchers.

Kennedy said he didn’t know if they would be reimbursing residents for the damage to their property because they haven’t been able to evaluate the damage since they’re still cleaning up.

“I’m hopeful that they will, I’m not quite sure that they will,” one resident said. “I’m not really secure in the way they have managed certain things I don’t see them willingly reimbursing us at this time.”

Many of the issues 19 News reported on before were due to the ongoing renovations to this building.

The property management company said most of the apartments that were damaged were unfortunately ones where most of the renovations had been finished.

Some Winton Manor residents spent Christmas Eve waiting to be put up in a hotel after their...
Some Winton Manor residents spent Christmas Eve waiting to be put up in a hotel after their apartments flooded.(Resident)