Cleveland apartment residents with no heat, no water now have nowhere to live

Published: Dec. 28, 2022 at 11:28 PM EST

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland apartment residents were given mandatory orders to temporarily evacuate after first dealing with no heat and now no water.

For the property to make things right, it must have residents vacate because they can’t stay there with no running water.

Overland Properties did install a temporary heating system, but unfortunately with the subzero wind chills, it wasn’t enough to keep the pipes from bursting.

They will begin installing a new boiler beginning Friday, however, it will take about four days for the repairs to the water pipes to be made and for running water to be restored.

Nick Robinson said he will now put his rent in escrow after a leaky ceiling over Christmas forced him, his fiance, and his 5-month-old baby girl to relocate from the bedroom to the living room.

He said management also encouraged him to take a shower in the vacant apartment next door because he has no hot water in the bathroom and no running water in the kitchen.

“We’re not going to pay rent going forward until we’re provided with a habitable place to live,” Robinson stated.

Lynn Nilges who has lived in her apartment for 5 years says no heat and now no water has put her over the edge and she’s moving out, “With no heat, intermittent water, intermittent electricity. I thought I could tough it out, but I’m crying uncle.”

Seth Thompson said Overland Properties’ maintenance issues have impacted and disrupted the residents’ quality of life in every way.

“The common denominator has just been poor management. You know when we express our feelings and issues to them it’s just a lack of empathy that we’re seeing back,” Thompson stated.

Overland Properties’ attorney also said the company is willing to pay the expense for hotels for those who need them over the next week.

19 News will continue to follow up to see how these promised repairs go for the residents.